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12:51pm 07/09/2006
  Well it's been a while since anyone here updated.

I just had some expereiences that could improve the human resources section.

Since April this year, I have rung the Disneyland Resort Guest Relations line over 20 times asking when the 50th anniversary will end. The first time they knew and said 'September 30' which I though was good so then I could know a date to book my flight to have a last chance of seeing the 50th as I'm from Australia.

We booked the flight and I rang acouple of times to verify it and EACH time from then on they came up with a DIFFERENT response without knowing an exact date and whether or not it would be running on the last three days of September which was when I was going!

It was one of the most sressful things I went through as I finally convinced my parents to make me not miss the 50th and it would've been all for nothing if I happened to JUST miss the 50th.

Thankfully on the last couple of time I rang they said the 50th would end October 2nd, and on the disneyland website they have the 50th events scheduled to the end of September. I just pray that most of the 50th golden decorations will still be on!

Anyway, enough about me. From this expereience, I think The Walt Disney Company should have this kind of information planned months ahead so they can happily satisfy every Disney fan and supporter like us in the world.

I mean, the LAST thing they want is a very unhappy Disney fan, right?
The "Not A Museum" Game 
06:52pm 11/06/2006
  Hey kids! I've got a great fun game for us all to play based on our favorite subject, improving Disneyland!

The three basic quotes to keep in mind are these (and forgive me if I mis-quote here; doing it all from memory):

"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

"Disneyland is NOT a Museum."

"If you're going to replace an older attraction with a newer one make sure it's more elaborate, more sophisticated, more amazing than the one previous."

Keeping those three quotes in mind, what Disneyland attraction would you take out, and what would you replace it with. No fair retro-replacing such as putting the old Country Bears back in place of the Winnie The Pooh fiasco... if you're gonna bring the Country Bears back you have to explain how it's gonna be bigger and better than ever before.

Got it?


Now let the ideas flow!

My personal idea behind the cut, if you're interested to see what type of stuff I'm looking forCollapse )
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Topic of the Week (May 8th) 
07:30pm 08/05/2006
  In a recent comment, mercat came up with the idea of doing a weekly topic (thank you mercat!). This is a fabulous idea to give the community a little more life and get people thinking about the WDC and maybe get a little brainstorming going.

So, every week starting now, I will post a topic of the week post. Here's how it'll work (and we may change it a little depending on how it goes): I'll post the topic, then everyone who would like to participate will make a post in the community (disney_ideas) on that topic. Please don't put a comment in the Topic of the Week post with your knowledge/observation/opinion on that topic, make a new post. However, you may comment on the Topic of the Week post with ideas for other Topics. Please don't post a Topic of the Week yourself, but if you have an idea for a Topic you will get credit for that topic. I also ask that in the title of your Topic post you put ToW (for Topic of the Week) and then whatever title you want to give your post, if you want to give it a title. (So it'll look like this: ToW:"your title here") That way, we can tell the difference between Topic of the Week posts and other posts.

I hope these rules are alright with everyone. If you have a suggestion for this activity, please feel free to comment here and let me know.

*How do you feel when Disney restores and re-releases the old films?
*Do you think that they have the right to edit content and delete/change things that might not be "appropriate" in today's society (for example, in Fantasia there were originally black centaurettes pampering the white centaurettes, but before the video release in the 1990's the company re-animated pieces of the Pastoral Symphony and removed these images because it "wasn't socially correct anymore," but it was acceptable back when the film was originally made. Keep in mind, it was 1940)?
*Do you think the Company should re-release the films as often as they do, or do you think they should be a little more true to the "Vault opens every ten years"?
*Is it right of the WDC to keep Song of the South permanently in the vault, or should it be released world-wide?
(You may address any or all of the questions proposed.)
First post 
02:25pm 24/04/2006
  This is the first post for me in a Disney Community, and my first post as my 'refreshed' LJ for a long time. I only use my LJ for Disney purposes.

I hope that one day I can make it into the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company and join the moderator of this community.

Here are some ideas that I've been thinking about for a while. If I'm getting the wrong idea or anything, please let me know. 

1. NO SMOKING in any of the Disney parks around the world. It seems to ruin and disrupt the image and spirit of Disney. Even though people may want to smoke in the park, if you think about it, it will actually benefit people's health. Besides, the parks are so wonderful and it would be great if the public felt it wouldn't be appropriate to have a smoke during their time at a Disney park.

2. Always remember that nothing works if you just do it for the money. I was discussing with a good friend of mine (who know who you are:) ) that the Company these days seems to focus on profit more than actualy Disney.
They need to realise that the Magic of Disney is what keeps the company running. 
I'm not accusing anyone of being 'greedy, because it's understandable that money is needed, but money should not be a master.

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07:13pm 23/02/2006

Disney Trivia Quiz #6

New Awesome Prize!!! See under the cut!!!

It’s time again, are you ready for it? Because here comes Disney Trivia Quiz #6, and you voted for the topic this time. So, you ask, what’s the topic? Well, your votes made it happen, the topic this time, with a total of twelve votes is ”Drumroll...”Collapse )

Ready to sign up? Just send an email to DizzyDisneyEyes@aol.com and I’ll put you on the participant list! I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to ask.

XP, thank you, mod, for allowing the post. If it is a problem, please delete and accept my apology.
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10:19pm 19/01/2006
  Lately I’ve been brain storming for Disney Trivia Quiz #6. Yes, that’s right, I’m continuing on! Yay for trivia!! But, I have a few ideas for a subject, but I can’t decide which one to do this time. That’s where you come in! After the cut, you will find a list of topics for the next Disney Trivia Quiz. All you have to do is read the summary and vote for which one you would like to see. All comments are screened so your vote will only be seen by me.

”DisneyCollapse )Since it’s already half way through January, the date will probably be sometime in the later part of February or in March sometime. The reason it would take so long is because I want it to be good, and with work and school (starting soon) I don’t know how much time I’m going to have each day to work on it. Be on the look out for an official post in LJ Disney communities with the date and sign up to participate!

12:12pm 29/10/2005


This new community is for Disney fans who realise that Eisner was great when Wells was alive, but failed after the death of Mr. Wells. However, we notice the improvement at the company with the new CEO, Mister Bob Iger.

The comunity is to post icons, news, reviews, articles, and any thing Disney.

Any opinion is welcome, but we also realise improvements are coming as we speak.



1) No bad language; Disney is a family company, and lets keep it that way.
2) Opinions are welcome, but we are not bias, and view the company as a whole.
3) Grammar does not matter!
4) Remember Disney owns many companys, including ABc, The Family Channel, Nestle, and many others. Also, review these companys.
5) DEBATES ARE WELCOME, but respect the other members, and make sure your opinion is based on facts; if not please state it is not.
6) HAVE FUN!!!

Remember folks, 2D was not just taken away because of money, but also corporate grudge, and Iger has welcomed it back with Rapunzel's new process, where 2D drawings are fed to the computer and our edited to be shiny and more detailed.

There was a Golden Age, a second golden age, and a rennisance, now its time for a Revolution!

To join go to the following URL:


07:01pm 03/10/2005
  sorry the cut isn't working. I just read Time's sneak peek review of Chicken Little. time ussually is not fond of movies and is tough. THEY SAID IT IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES OF THE YEAR. It also has a sneak peek at the next three movies:

Has Mickey find his mojo?

In the old fairy tale, a fretful fowl named Chicken Little gets bonked by an acorn, mistakes this minor incident for an astral calamity and frightens the neighbors by exclaiming, "The sky is falling!" In the world of traditional animation, when computer-generated (CG) 3-D cartoons came in, the sky did fall. The first piece was Pixar, with such movies as Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. Another chunk was DreamWorks (the Shreks). And, yes, an outfit called Blue Sky fell too, with Ice Age and Robots. Hand-drawn, or 2-D, animation was instantly kaput. Chicken Little was right.
In a decade, CG animation has achieved a commercial and artistic revolution. It has also achieved something else: it annihilated the Disney cartoon feature. Now, with a fresh team at the company--CEO Robert Iger, film-studio boss Richard Cook and animation chief David Stainton--Disney has begun the arduous process of remaking itself. "It's like a battleship changing course," Cook says. "It takes a while, but we're moving in the right direction."

They are indeed, to judge from the exclusive peek they offered TIME of their first four CG theatrical features. Disney surely has a winner in its debut effort, Mark Dindal's Chicken Little, which opens Nov. 4. It's one of the funniest, most charming and most exhilarating movies in years. And it's a genuine Disney cartoon, with a storytelling sense and graphic precision worthy of the old animation masters.

The transition from pencils to pixels hasn't been easy for the studio. Hand-drawn feature animation was an art form it created and then nurtured for six decades, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 through the '94 smash The Lion King. Who could imagine that the empire would crumble? And why, when Disney had a distribution pact with Pixar, should the parent studio pursue CG animation? The box office answered both questions briskly: of the 10 top-grossing animated films since 1995, when Toy Story became the first computerized cartoon feature, all but one (Disney's Tarzan, at No. 10) are CG.

Like a dazed boxer who has been KO'd, the old-line Disney artists were slow to rise from their canvases. They kept making serioso dramas with soaring Broadwayesque scores, when the CG films were mopping up with brash, no-song comedies that appealed to young males as well as the family audience. New ideas were stifled. "It's kind of an irony," says Oscar-winning animator Eric Armstrong (The ChubbChubbs!), "because Walt was well known for being an innovative guy. A lot of people thought it was funny that Disney didn't want to try the same experimentation."

Gradually, Disney's box-office magic evaporated; Treasure Planet, in 2002, cost about $140 million yet cadged only $38 million at the domestic wickets. Worse, relations with Pixar soured--though the premier CG studio may sign up with Disney again. Last week Disney CFO Thomas Staggs said the film division expected a loss of more than $250 million for the year's fourth fiscal quarter.

The 3-D-vs.-2-D debate at the studio went beyond the commercial or even artistic implications of CG. Hand-drawn animation was the Disney religion. Stainton, while overseeing a reduction of the animation staff from 2,200 to 725, worked hard to win over the old boys. He argued that CG actually frees artists "to produce movies of extraordinarily different styles. There are limitations in hand drawn. In CG you can do things that are much more complicated." But some still thought the very notion of a change sacrilegious. To abandon the grand old style for 3-D would be like tearing down Chartres to put up a condo.

As the animator of many cartoon heroes, from Ariel in The Little Mermaid and Beauty's Beast to Aladdin, Pocahontas and Tarzan, Disney veteran Glen Keane was expected to lead the rearguard battle. "Everybody," he says, "wanted me to really fight for hand drawn." When Keane looked for ways to work in the new world, he says, "many of the traditional artists thought that I had betrayed them. And many of the CG artists didn't trust me." In 2003 the two camps met for a retreat. "We realized there were a lot of things being done [at CG studios] that just aren't us. So let's do us."

A few respected animators, like Andreas Deja (who drew the title characters in Hercules and Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Eric Goldberg (mastermind of the Genie in Aladdin), resisted making the switch to CG. And Keane, when he sat down at a computer, was soon aware of its downside. "It tempts you with the easy choices. It says, 'You designed half that face. Push this button, we'll duplicate it, and the job's done. You've got symmetry--perfect!' But the key to beauty is strangeness, asymmetry."

To woo him, Stainton told Keane he could direct a favorite project, Rapunzel Unbraided--if it was CG. Keane discovered that the computer "forced me to be a better artist. It challenged me to be better at what I do." CG also allowed him to give his leading lady something hand drawn couldn't persuasively do: freckles.

Rapunzel is scheduled for a 2008 release. It is to follow next year's fantasy trip Meet the Robinsons, in which a boy is taken in by a wonderfully eccentric family, and, in 2007, the hip, puckish American Dog, about a canine celebrity who thinks he's still on his TV show when he's really stranded in the desert. Those three films have a high standard to meet in the sassy, bouncy Chicken Little. The title character (voiced by Zach Braff) has huge glasses and a studious mien. And, oh, is this chick adorable, whether trying to win a chaotic baseball game or shaking a tail feather in his soon-to-be-copied chicken dance. It's up to him and his outcast pals to persuade the local skeptics that, darn it, the sky really is falling. At a pace as sprightly and assured as the great old Warner Bros. cartoons, the movie flirts with alien abductions, crop circles, Streisand jokes and familial reconciliation. The animation is gorgeous, but it's the feeling that you'll take home--warm, smart and happy.

Thus does the Disney ship set its new course. There's no telling if Chicken Little will be a hit that convinces Wall Street and mall rats alike that the old studio has a brand-new bag. It has a lot of catching up to do. Sony's animation division will release its first CG feature, Open Season, in 2006. Blue Sky and DreamWorks aren't going anywhere. And Pixar would be a fierce competitor. But if Disney thrives in CG, a little chicken shall lead it. And from now on, they hope, the sky's the limit.


i really agree. WALT WOULD HAVE DITCHED 2-D FACE IT!!! He was an innovator, would have ditched it. in this new way Disney is doing CGI it is drawn then turned into CGI. The disney animators are doing something new though just like the nine old men and Glenn Kleane and Andreas deja: not doing it the industrys way but theres. Kleane is directing RAPUNZEL! American Dog is from the craetors of Lilo & Stitch. I have a feeling that the Disney Revolution has begun...
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Disney Trivia Quiz #5- Reminder, and last call to sign up! 
01:15pm 03/10/2005
  Hello, Disney fans!!! This is just a reminder that the Disney Trivia Quiz #5 is going to be sent out this Friday at midnight (11:59pm), so if you have signed up don't forget to check your email on Saturday!

If you have not signed up and would like to participate, there is still time! Simply send an email to DizzyDisneyEyes@aol.com and you will be added to the list of participants. I will be accepting emails to sign up to participate until 11:58pm on Friday. The quiz will also be posted on my personal LJ. No LJ account is required, just an email address to send the quiz and score to.

Brief D-Quiz OverviewCollapse )

D-Quiz Surprise!Collapse )

This quiz has been so much fun to make, and it's only a few questions away from being finished! I hope it will be as fun to do as it was to make! This is also the last chance if you want a question on anything inparticular. There is so much Disney stuff, it's impassible (what movie is that word from?) to cover everything, so if there is something specific you would like to see a question on, please email me. Please know that not all requests may be covered, but I will try my best! If you don't ask, I'll never know!

Please email me if you have any questions, I'm very friendly and online quite a bit!

XP to other communities. Thank you mod for allowing this post!
07:11am 30/09/2005
mood: jubilant
Ding dong, the witch is dead
which old witch? the wicked witch!
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead...

("Ding dong the-head-of-the-Disney-company-is-no-longer-in-power" just doesn't have the same ring to it *insert giggles here*)

I'm not completely dismissing Eisner's work; he did make Disney a competetive company, which any film company must be in order to survive in the business, so I credit him for that.

But now we can restore the magic of it all!
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Cool Disney stuff for a good cause! 
10:56pm 22/09/2005
  If you like Disney stuff or know someone who does, and you like helping people, then you'll want to read this!

I just put up an auction on eBay for a bunch of Disney stuff. There's books, videos, toys, and more! Check it out here and bid if you would like!

100% of the final sale price goes to purchasing items to be donated to the Hurricane Katrina survivors!!!

It doesn't specify that in the auction, though. I posted it up before and got introuble because I didn't ask the people if I could donate stuff to them. (Huh? I don't quite understand, but that's what eBay said.) The reason I didn't want to use the service is because I have specific items I want to purchase to send.

Disney Auction Link

XP to other communities.
Goodbye, Michael... 
11:21am 12/09/2005
  This month will mark the end of Michael Eisner's reign at the Walt Disney Company. His contract expires on September 30, and he will be retiring at the age of 63.

Read a short biography on Eisner here.

Read an article based on an interview with Eisner here.

Here's a quote from this article:

"On September 10, 2004, Eisner announced that he would resign on September 30, 2006, when his employment contract expires. However, on March 13, 2005, Disney announced that Eisner would leave a year ahead of schedule, on September 30, 2005, with Robert A. Iger taking over as CEO on October 1. Eisner, however, will receive his salary until his contract ends in 2006."

These articles are old, but I did a goolge search and nothing recent came up. If you know of more articles, please make a post and share what you have found and what you think of Eisner leaving. How do you think Iger will do?
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03:28pm 11/09/2005
  I was just wondering if anyone else had any ideas? It seems this community has died and I liked this community alot.  
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02:32pm 26/08/2005
  Okay I'm a bigh Hunchback fan b/c that wass a favorite when I was little and Disney has never given it fare credit on a release. First off why hasn't this been restored? It was not with CPU so it would not take to long. I don't like the faded colors on the dvd. The vhs was shiny and dark and vibraent. Secondly where is my 2 disk I should have one by now. The film is Disney's most critically acclaimed so give me a 2 disk. I would also love some added scenes if the original was also on the disk. I think Esmerleda should die and Someday, Balencing on a Balance Beam, the reprise at the end, On top of the worl;d, and Esmerelda should be put it for its more adult. I wish the Gargoyles were less joky also.  
10:22am 25/08/2005
  I have an idea. Since there is like a huge cult against these Disney ssweatshops, CGI, deaths at Disney World it needs a name and these people need a name so I came up with one: The Disney Revoultionist and Disney Revoultion.  
10:07am 25/08/2005

As promised I'm giving my final analys on the Disney flops and my conclusion:



Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, Lilo & StitchCollapse )

09:55pm 21/08/2005
  So Mr. Eisner CGi films gross more because they are preety and glossy eh?

The loudest flop of the weekend was Valiant, the computer-animated film from Disney featuring the voices of Ewan McGregor and Ricky Gervais. Despite the Disney name, the film debuted with a horrendous $6.1 million, making it the worst computer-animated opening ever, behind even Jonah: A Veggie-Tales Movie, which debuted with $6.2 million in 2002. (Even March of the Penguins did better in its ninth week, grossing $6.7 million.) Unless Pixar is involved, audiences apparently don't trust the Disney animation division.

I'm sorry but Home On The Range did better then that. Maybe spare a nickel and advertise and make a good movie okay?
Pass it on! 
12:53am 21/08/2005
  Have you heard the news? Disney is getting rid of traditional animation all together. They are throwing out this art and going to rely completely on computers for every animated project they do. This art of traditional, hand-drawn animation is the very thing that started the company, and they have decided to get rid of it altogether. Walt Disney would not have done this: he would've embraced both forms of animation to create beautifully told stories.

There is more information on this at these two sites if you would like to read more:

MouseTales (this one is written by a man named David Koenig, who wrote several books on Disney, including one on Disney animation called Mouse Under Glass. I would definately recommend reading it if you get the chance to.)

To fight against this decision, while we still have a change, there has been a petition created. Now, please DO NOT create your own petition, as it will only result in many petitions with a few signatures each, instead of one petition with many signatures. If you want to help, which I kindly ask that you do help, please pass this petition on to all the people you know!

To see the petition, please click here

10:34am 20/08/2005

I know this may not seem like an idea, but at the end there is a point after i explain why these films failed.


Atlantis, Lilo & StitchCollapse )

06:34pm 19/08/2005

My opinion and ideas on Tarzan, Fantasia 2000, Empoer's New GrooveCollapse )

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