Stefanie (vidmaker_19) wrote in disney_ideas,

Goodbye, Michael...

This month will mark the end of Michael Eisner's reign at the Walt Disney Company. His contract expires on September 30, and he will be retiring at the age of 63.

Read a short biography on Eisner here.

Read an article based on an interview with Eisner here.

Here's a quote from this article:

"On September 10, 2004, Eisner announced that he would resign on September 30, 2006, when his employment contract expires. However, on March 13, 2005, Disney announced that Eisner would leave a year ahead of schedule, on September 30, 2005, with Robert A. Iger taking over as CEO on October 1. Eisner, however, will receive his salary until his contract ends in 2006."

These articles are old, but I did a goolge search and nothing recent came up. If you know of more articles, please make a post and share what you have found and what you think of Eisner leaving. How do you think Iger will do?
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