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Lately I’ve been brain storming for Disney Trivia Quiz #6. Yes, that’s right, I’m continuing on! Yay for trivia!! But, I have a few ideas for a subject, but I can’t decide which one to do this time. That’s where you come in! After the cut, you will find a list of topics for the next Disney Trivia Quiz. All you have to do is read the summary and vote for which one you would like to see. All comments are screened so your vote will only be seen by me.

1) Of Mouse and Man
This subject will focus on Walt Disney’s life and everything Mickey (and friends). This includes Walt’s childhood, career, family, the influence he had on the animation world, and everything else to do with his life. It will also include Mickey’s start, his lifestyles in his cartoons, his friends (Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, etc.) and enemies (Pete), and Mickey merchandice.

2) Stick to the Script
This one will focus in depth on all the films and cartoon shorts. It will include behind the scenes questions, questions about the animators, voice providors, actors, and other crew, quotes from movies, etc.

3) Behind the Magic
This subject will have a lot of questions on the people who made Disney magic in the early days up to the present (like the Nine Old Men, for example), different techniques that are used (such as in the theme parks), and other “behind the scenes” stuff.

4) Music Mania
Disney Quiz #3 was mostly about the music, but it didn’t go in depth very much. This one would include lyric fill-in-the-blanks, singers, writers, and some questions about songs that were deleted from the movies but became well known anyway (for example, “The Morning Report”).

5) Mouse Mania
This one will focus on Mickey entirely, including his lifestyle, his cartoons, the Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey merchandice, along with questions about Mickey’s friends. Similar to option number 1, but more Mickey than Walt.

6) Magic Kingdoms
This one will be about the Disney parks. All of them! From the opening of Disneyland, to the Animal Kingdom, to EPCOT, to the new Hong Kong Disneyland, all the parks will be covered. The only downfall to this subject is that there are not many people who have visited every single park, so all questions will be answerable using the internet. Questions will include things about old rides, new attractions, events in the parks, park histories, and perhaps some behind the scenes questions and one or two on park rules.

7) Action!
This subject will focus on live-action films. Questions will be about things in the movies, quotes, actors, and will also include films that are mostly live-action (such as Mary Poppins, Song of the South, and So Dear to My Heart)

Those are the ideas I came up with while I was at work today. Please vote for up to three choices. If you think two of the subjects should be combined, please let me know. Thanks so much!!!

Since it’s already half way through January, the date will probably be sometime in the later part of February or in March sometime. The reason it would take so long is because I want it to be good, and with work and school (starting soon) I don’t know how much time I’m going to have each day to work on it. Be on the look out for an official post in LJ Disney communities with the date and sign up to participate!

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