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Topic of the Week (May 8th)

In a recent comment, mercat came up with the idea of doing a weekly topic (thank you mercat!). This is a fabulous idea to give the community a little more life and get people thinking about the WDC and maybe get a little brainstorming going.

So, every week starting now, I will post a topic of the week post. Here's how it'll work (and we may change it a little depending on how it goes): I'll post the topic, then everyone who would like to participate will make a post in the community (disney_ideas) on that topic. Please don't put a comment in the Topic of the Week post with your knowledge/observation/opinion on that topic, make a new post. However, you may comment on the Topic of the Week post with ideas for other Topics. Please don't post a Topic of the Week yourself, but if you have an idea for a Topic you will get credit for that topic. I also ask that in the title of your Topic post you put ToW (for Topic of the Week) and then whatever title you want to give your post, if you want to give it a title. (So it'll look like this: ToW:"your title here") That way, we can tell the difference between Topic of the Week posts and other posts.

I hope these rules are alright with everyone. If you have a suggestion for this activity, please feel free to comment here and let me know.

*How do you feel when Disney restores and re-releases the old films?
*Do you think that they have the right to edit content and delete/change things that might not be "appropriate" in today's society (for example, in Fantasia there were originally black centaurettes pampering the white centaurettes, but before the video release in the 1990's the company re-animated pieces of the Pastoral Symphony and removed these images because it "wasn't socially correct anymore," but it was acceptable back when the film was originally made. Keep in mind, it was 1940)?
*Do you think the Company should re-release the films as often as they do, or do you think they should be a little more true to the "Vault opens every ten years"?
*Is it right of the WDC to keep Song of the South permanently in the vault, or should it be released world-wide?
(You may address any or all of the questions proposed.)
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