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Well it's been a while since anyone here updated.

I just had some expereiences that could improve the human resources section.

Since April this year, I have rung the Disneyland Resort Guest Relations line over 20 times asking when the 50th anniversary will end. The first time they knew and said 'September 30' which I though was good so then I could know a date to book my flight to have a last chance of seeing the 50th as I'm from Australia.

We booked the flight and I rang acouple of times to verify it and EACH time from then on they came up with a DIFFERENT response without knowing an exact date and whether or not it would be running on the last three days of September which was when I was going!

It was one of the most sressful things I went through as I finally convinced my parents to make me not miss the 50th and it would've been all for nothing if I happened to JUST miss the 50th.

Thankfully on the last couple of time I rang they said the 50th would end October 2nd, and on the disneyland website they have the 50th events scheduled to the end of September. I just pray that most of the 50th golden decorations will still be on!

Anyway, enough about me. From this expereience, I think The Walt Disney Company should have this kind of information planned months ahead so they can happily satisfy every Disney fan and supporter like us in the world.

I mean, the LAST thing they want is a very unhappy Disney fan, right?
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