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Disney's last 150 million dollar hit. The film had a new technique where CGI sets could be interweined with traditional backgrounds. The camera could move through the back of the set to the front giving depth made for the swinging of the trees. The reason why this was this was the biggest 2-D hit was it wasn't CGI (this was the begging of the big CGI era), but reinvented the 2-D film by combing it with CGI to give depth. The style of the charchters were the traditional disney style, with a anime styled wyes, shapes; ext. They also reinvented Disney like the Broadway style movies did. They had the music playing behind scenes with phil collins singing or he would sing part of a charchter's song. This seemed to show Disney would have another great decade...boy were we wrong.


A more artistic disney film. It was the first non-documentary to be in IMAX and was a hit by IMAX standards. It continued Walt's vision and just like the original was not widly recived critically. The film was more light spirited yet very artistic.

THE EMPOER"S NEW GROOVE a.k.a. Kingdom of the Son

Originally conceived as a epic musical with 6 Sting songs, the film was recut and edited after production started and a new tale came with only one Sting song, and one in the credits. The original plot was better and less comedic. Disney should not have edited and cut rough animation, but let the epic come. This habbit would destroy 3 more films: Brother Bear, Atlantis, and the awfull Home on the Range.

to be continued...



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