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I know this may not seem like an idea, but at the end there is a point after i explain why these films failed.


ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE a.k.a. wut the hell were they thinking?

Atlantis was the latest Disney film from Dan Hahn,

Gary Trousdale  

Kirk Wise since Hunchback of Notre Dame was put into story in late 1996 and made in to the cinema 6 years later. The film was a slow process do to story problems. The original conceiving of the film was with flashback and the mystery of  a journal and less action at the end, but a sci-fi love story, with Milo in love with Atlantis, not the diamond hunting, villians on board that made it to the final cut. The film had a completly colored segment cut, a flashback opening. The film's failure was consent to many issues. The film was not well advertised, because Eisner had come to believe that these films did not need hype, people just saw them. The film cost over 100 million dollaras to make. They attempted a anime style look, but instead of using idols like Hayo Miyazaki and Okaro, they looked at the kid freindly YU GI OH and other shows I think, because they resemble them more. The look had a mix with disney, but looked flat as a pancake. The CGI blend was not used well, but looks grand but too busy. the main flaw was story. The film feels choppy and when they land in Atlantis it is about a diamond and power. This film could have drawned teens into Disney, like they adventually did with anime. The film could have been about the people of Atlantis worried about going to America and change and not going with Milo a romance in Scifi, but got stuck in cliches of problems. The film did not follow Walt's rule: if it can only be done in animation in should be done, if not don't do it."

Lilo & Stitch

after Atlantis did not save Disney from creative bust, the fans rejoiced at a film that felt new, but old school. They reinvented the Disney arc, like Tarzan, Mulan, and Hunchback. The film's gross was higher then Speilberg's summer film and showed that the Florida animators were the best, b/c they were new and had new ideas. The film had the realationship of Oliver and Company, and the comedy of the old Goofy cartoons that made it feel connected to the older films, the reason why it suceeded.



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