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Pass it on!

Have you heard the news? Disney is getting rid of traditional animation all together. They are throwing out this art and going to rely completely on computers for every animated project they do. This art of traditional, hand-drawn animation is the very thing that started the company, and they have decided to get rid of it altogether. Walt Disney would not have done this: he would've embraced both forms of animation to create beautifully told stories.

There is more information on this at these two sites if you would like to read more:

MouseTales (this one is written by a man named David Koenig, who wrote several books on Disney, including one on Disney animation called Mouse Under Glass. I would definately recommend reading it if you get the chance to.)

To fight against this decision, while we still have a change, there has been a petition created. Now, please DO NOT create your own petition, as it will only result in many petitions with a few signatures each, instead of one petition with many signatures. If you want to help, which I kindly ask that you do help, please pass this petition on to all the people you know!

To see the petition, please click here

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