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As promised I'm giving my final analys on the Disney flops and my conclusion:




treasure planet

This was a film that Hollwood had hyped to rescue Disney in a full way, just like how Oliver & Company and Mouse Detective were hits but no Little Mermaid. The film was advertised as a bad Jerry Buckinheimer film at teens. The film however is closer to Little Mermaid then Atlantis and the film is the best Disney film since Tarzan and possibily Hunchback of Notre Dame. The film had a very good combination of action,comedy, drama, and coming of age. The films visuals are by far the best Disney visulas of all time. By combing the hand drawn with CGI it caused the camera to do amazing spins and the hand drawn charchters worked with it in a more round then CGI way proving 2-D is still the best when combined with CGI. Then why did it flop? Perhaps it was ahead of its time and the way it was advertised was as an awfull action film nopt a coming of age film. Just like how fantasia was dissed by the public this falls in the same category. I promise you in 20 years this will be deemed as a classic and Eisner will be kicking himself in the face.

Brother Bear a.k.a The Black Cauldron goes to Canada.

the most creative films had come out of Florida but had lst the grandness of Mulan. This film was so lost I don't know why they made it way too many story isues. And the animation is very square and I did not like thestyle. It should have not been about the man in a  bear b/c the realationship could have worked better. This seemed more like Dreamworks then Disney.

Home on The Range....the end of 2-D

why did they change the original plot of a western romance which may end b/c of an outlaw and singing cows as a chorus to this shit (excuse my language but thats wut it is) this was awfull.


so wut is disney to do now they had 4 good projects in the making that if given high financing could be hits. ill post them later.


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