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Disney Magic

Restoring the magic: What Walt would want

Ideas and suggestions for improving the WDC
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Brief overview:
This journal is to gather ideas and suggestions for improvements at he Walt Disney Company. Things that need to be done to the parks, the movies, merchandise, and anything else Disney related. Getting things back to the way Walt had them is the goal. Walt did say that Disneyland (and movies, etc) would never be done, but the company has lost his touch almost completely. This community is gathering ideas and improvements that need to be done. Any Disney fan is allowed to share, from a first-time Disney movie viewer to a Disney fanatic who visits the park every day and knows all the movies. These ideas will be saved in a folder, and when the moderator of this community takes over as the head of the Walt Disney Company, the folder will be used as reference of what the people want, as will any new posts made in this journal.

A few requests:
*Please keep the profanity out. Family place, you know...
*Please use an lj-cut when making longer posts. (They will still be read, just want to save a little space)
*Please stay on topic, which is anything to do with Disney, the movies, Walt, the Company, the parks, etc.

We are also more than happy to answer any questions, too. If the answer is not known at the time, we will get back to you after doing some research to find the answer.

Also, check out the sister communities:disneydreaming, wd_icontest, and wd_100. If you are a mod of another Disney community and would like to be sisters, please send an email to DizzyDisneyEyes@aol.com. Thanks!

Thank you!

Remember: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, and Dreams Do Come True!!!